“BMC” is our official Audit Partner

BMC Management and Tax Consultants “BMC” is our official Audit Partner

Admin | 03-04-2021

BMC Management and Tax Consultants “BMC” is our official Audit Partner, known to provide a range of exceptional services from audit, tax, advisory as well as business services to a multitude of local and international clients. BMC will supervise the judging sessions of the WIMA wards categories.

As the Official Audit Partner, it is upon our responsibility to ensure these events will be among the most successful awards ceremonies in the country and Africa in general.

BMC ensures that its level of service matches international standards while also incorporating a high level of integrity and best practices in ensuring its international and local clientele receives the best of the best service. 

BMC will also offer recommendations to WIMA awards on the online judging portal for the Categories listed as well as carry our necessary audits of the judging process and offer recommendations on how the awards and the judging process can be further improved. 

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