WIMA Membership Packages & Benefits


• Special rates to all our events

• Access to all our webinars and all recordings

• Ideal for under 35-year olds seeking growth

• Exposure to role models and mentors

• Continuous learning


• Special rates (10% off discount) to WIMA Board Readiness, female leadership and executive mentorship programs

• Access to be part of our podcast and She leads TV series, Online profile for CEO magazine for visibility

• Access to our members-only senior jobs and board opportunities and the inclusion on our online directory for confidential board searches and board shortlist engagements

• Special rates to Executive Coaching and mentoring with our Experts

• Access to WIMA speaker platform. Depending on your proficiency in communication, you will have an opportunity to be our featured speakers for bi-monthly events or webinar sessions. These monthly knowledge-sharing and networking events are facilitated and run by leading industry experts who have a variety of functional and industrial expertise.

• Access to our local and international networking events/summits

• Attend members-only events either face to face or virtual

• Thought Leadership Resources and Promotion through our Website, Social Media Channels, Community Hub and our monthly WIMA Member Update Email

• Promotion of your Member board appointments through our Website, Social Media Channels and monthly WIMA Member Update Email. Share your board appointments here: www.wima.co.tz

• Discount with Asilia creative for your profile photo

• Discount with ATSOKO for your makeup and beauty products


Corporate membership is for a group of women from a particular company, firm or organization that supports the advancement of women to leadership or boards roles. We customize all corporate memberships to ensure the benefits align with the corporate goals of the enterprise.
Below are some benefits of corporate membership:

• Opportunity to promote the advancement of women to corporate boards as part of your Diversity and Inclusion Culture

• WIMA assists enterprise to support, educate and retain your women leaders

• Access to experienced women leaders and service providers

• We help build your talent pipeline

• Engage WIMA for Corporate Social Responsibility

• Customized Training sessions from Entry-level to Executive Leaders

• Partnership to the Annual WIMA Awards

• First preference to headline our events throughout the year

• Display your banners at our events throughout the year

• Brand exposure on our platforms and corporate profile on our website

• Access to our network of women leaders across Africa and the Diaspora

Join us and become part of an important network of WIMA.

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