WIMA Summit aims to harness, validate, and amplify contributions of African women and their diaspora counterpart in Africa’s growth, security, and prosperity. The goals at this summit will be to help expand the African affairs workforce, advance women’s leadership in workplace, and promote the critical role of the diaspora in Africa’s development

The objectives of half day summit are:

1.To raise awareness of the importance of private sector action to advance gender equality, and showcase existing examples to empower women in the workplace, marketplace, and community

2.To advance women’s leadership in the workplace by recognizing and increasing visibility for women.

3. To convene business leaders, investors, government, civil society and other key partners at the country- and regional level to highlight the business case for gender equality

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The main outcome of this initiative/ Programme is to ensure that women are honored and profiled for their great achievements in their careers thus leading to women’s economic empowerment. This initiative will support Sustainable Development Goals on the agenda, Goal 5, which seeks to promote gender equality and women’s empowerment.


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Benefits of Awardees

• Winning an Award entitles you to a range of digital collateral to help you promote your gender-empowered status.

• Winners will receive PR and multi-channel marketing exposure, promoting their winning status on our media pages, newspapers and tv show known as SHE LEADS

• You will get the opportunity to network with other business people who are passionate about gender empowerment.

Benefits of Companies

• Participating in the awards is a great way to honour your employees and build your brand by measuring your performance against Tanzania most gender-empowered companies.

• A nomination will differentiate your business from competitors’ and raise your profile to attract investors and key industry stakeholders.

• Marketing strategy to promote Gender Equality for your organization. This can be used as a logo under the signatures.

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Bringing together global thought-leaders and experts to offer inspiration, practical solutions, networks and support.

WIMA judges
WIMA judges
WIMA judges
WIMA judges
WIMA judges
WIMA judges
WIMA judges

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At this point, we don't have any member subscription services, once our network and community grows we will consider membership services. You are welcome to be part of our community by following us on our social media pages and our platform. We do have quarterly breakfast trainings and online webinar sessions.
You can either self- nominate or nominate yourself, please follow our procedural guide on the minimum required qualifications. Please click here to nominate

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